10 Summer Wedding Ideas You Can Execute Yourself

//10 Summer Wedding Ideas You Can Execute Yourself

10 Summer Wedding Ideas You Can Execute Yourself


Summer brings with it so many possibilities of outdoor adventures including the adventure of your wedding. However, summer weddings can also carry quite a price tag and a need to save some money in other areas. The do it yourself wedding will save money and help you create a more personalized wedding experience. But with so many ideas in mind, what are some good ideas?

10 Do It Yourself Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer is a colorful time of warmth, love, and exuberance, and your wedding should be the embodiment of all that, and so much more. Below are ten great summer wedding ideas, for the do it yourself, individual.

1. Easy Make-Ahead Floral Table CenterpiecesSummer bouquet

Summer is always accompanied with beautiful flowers, and you’ll love putting together your own floral centerpieces. To make them keep the textures similar if you want to use a good amount of colors for these. Pick a few flowers to be the highlights, this will help your main colors stand out.

Work on the middle, in the beginning, mix the flowers for the right height that you want. On the edge, create a line of flowers to hang over a bit, this will add a pleasing quality overall. Use the brighter flowers for filler and finally, fill everything else in.

2. Pom Pom Vines

Pom pom vines are known to enhance any outdoor wedding, pick some exotic orange and sky blue colors for that added summer feel. To make them, use tissue paper, accordion fold six sheets, each with six folds. The width should be about one inch.

Wrap the center with floral wire to create a division. Fan out the sides of the paper and pull out the layers, forming a ball.

For the leaves, cut a figure eight, fold in the center. Using scissors, make an X shape in the center, making a hole and pull the twine through. Finally, fold a crease for added character.

Attach the pom pom and strand with the extra wire (from the center). Pull the twine through the middle hole and tie a knot underneath the leaves.

3. Photo Family Tree

This one is simple, gather up your framed family photographs and arrange them on a tree. Easy and elegant, guests will take a keen interest in learning about the history behind the newly weds. A great talking point and interesting addition to any wedding.

4. Paper Lantern Columns

Acquire some bamboo sticks around eight feet long and one inch-thick, once the stick is in the ground, run some light strings up one side and down the other. Make sure the lights are secure. Then, stack the paper lanterns over the sticks, also secure these.

These columns look beautiful and warm as the night goes on, especially alongside bodies of water.

5. Painted Glass Votives

Votives are beautiful, affordable and will add a touch of marvelous to your summer wedding. When the sun sets, your wedding will still have the warmth of your own creativity. You can make them by washing the glass votive candle holders, painting the design on the holder and baking them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

6. Simple Craft Paper Placemats

Scrapbook paper works best for this, simply cut and tape. The designs are up to you. This will help set the tone for a summer to be remembered. Also, since these designs are ones of your choosing, you can be sure to pick any style you desire.

7. Hanging Sunflower Pomanders

What’s a summer wedding without sunflowers? For this idea, you will need to gather some sunflower blooms. Trim some off a sunflower bush, but leave about four inches of the stem. The Styrofoam ball should be a good indicator for how much stem you’ll need.

Put the blooms around the ball, and keep them together until the entire outer part of the ball is filled. If you want, add a ribbon so you can hang them. Trim the ribbon, creating a loop and then use a hot glue gun to attach them to the Styrofoam ball.

8. Lavender and Tulle Chairbacks

Another simple, yet sophisticated design. Spruce up your wedding chairs by tying some lavender and tulle together. Lavender and lilac are very gentle and cool colors for a summer wedding, they are also beautiful and tender.

9. Lavender and Twine Wrapped Candles

Wrap some lavender around your table candles and you are all set. Lavender adds, even more, romantic notes to your summer atmosphere.

10. Do It Yourself VeilBride veil bridal

When the vows come, and all eyes are on the beautiful couple, you’ll want to look amazing. Creating your own veil will personalize that moment even more.

Simply, measure, buy and cut tulle, and add trim. Gather it and attach it to a hair comb. Simple and elegant, the veil choice is up to you. A flower crown resting on your head and securing the veil is especially beautiful. A cute, bohemian look will go well with the tone of summer.

You can incorporate or some of these DIY projects into you summer wedding, as long as it represents the couple getting married.

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