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Eco-Friendly Hotels

Living a sustainable lifestyle and maintaining a green home is becoming more important in today’s society. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, consumers are making their choices based not only on quality and price but the product’s impact on the environment. With more and more people interested in earth-friendly products, companies are forced to really consider the products they are offering and compete with others to make things more sustainable. This is no different for the hospitality industry.

Many hotels have implemented more green ideas into their facilities while other have changed shifted the way they function entirely to be as eco-friendly as possible. In honor of Earth Day, check out some of the ways the hospitality industry works to keep the Earth as green as possible!

Conserving Energy

Just like many people have started switching out old light bulbs in their homes for more energy efficient LED bulbs so have many hotels. While this isn’t a huge change, in a building that has as many lights as a hotel, switching out bulbs can make a big impact on energy usage. More hotels though are going a bit further to conserve energy by installing renewable energy systems, like solar arrays or wind turbines, and/or using a renewable energy provider.

Reduce Water Usage And Waste

As with conserving energy, the small things can go a long way. As a start for many hotels in reducing water usage low-flow shower heads and sink aerators can be installed to reduce the amount of wasted water. Low flow or dual flush toilets can also be installed which are required in some cities. Even staying on top of leaks can make a big impact so it is important to regularly check for leakage including in the public restrooms.

You may have seen some hotels urge guests to reuse sheets or towels in order to eliminate unnecessary water and energy usage. There are several programs such as Project Planet Program, which are implemented in hotels around the world to aid in such reduction of waste.

Another method hotels can practice in order to conserve water is to use drought-resistant plants and switch from mowed lawns to native groundcover. Many hotels in California have begun to implement such methods as the state continues to suffer from a drought.

Meeting The Demand

Travelers want eco-friendly choices so advertising how green a hotel is has become more important for businesses. While buildings can obtain certifications for their green practices through LEED, Green Globe and many more consumers may not know how to access that information to make informed choices.

Generally, when a consumer learns that a sustainable choice is available to them, they go with that option but it should be very apparent. TripAdvisor is working to help those Earth-conscious travelers find hotels that have the same frame of mind as they do by implementing a new search option on their site. Now when looking for accommodations, you can simply select ‘Green’ under the ‘Style’ option to find a hotel that is committed to green practices.

In order for a hotel to be listed as ‘green’ on the search engine’s site, they must apply to the GreenLeaders Program and meet certain criteria. Once accepted the facility will then be ranked as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum status depending on how great of an impact their practices make. That ranking is available for any consumer to see and read about as they search for accommodations.

Expect More To Come

TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders Program is one way that makes it easier for consumers to make better choices but we expect to find much more transparency in the coming year. Some hotels have actually become the destinations themselves with their inventive and sustainable practices integrated with luxury and fantastic service. Perhaps, the destination for your next trip will be a green hotel!

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