Evolution Of The Bed And Breakfast

//Evolution Of The Bed And Breakfast

Evolution Of The Bed And Breakfast

What is a bed and breakfast?

If you’re not familiar with a bed and breakfast, then here’s a little rundown of what a bed and breakfast actually is. Bed and breakfasts are small lodging establishments operated within the private homes of individuals for the purpose of renting out rooms to travelers and guests. There are typically 10 bedrooms or less available at a bed and breakfast.

Guest bedrooms sometimes come with a private bathroom, but other establishments offer a bathroom that may be shared by all guests and visitors. Breakfast is generally the only meal served at a bed and breakfast and this meal is normally served in the guest bedroom, in the dining room of the establishment or in the kitchen of the establishment.

The Beginning of the Bed and Breakfast

In the United States, the very first bed and breakfast dates all the way back to Colonial America in the 18th century. During that time, it was difficult for travelers and guests to find a lodging establishment. They were few and far between; so many people began offering a bed in their home to help a traveler out.

During the Great Depression, bed and breakfasts were a means for travelers to save money and for home owners to make much needed money. After World War II, many middle-class Americans who began traveling to Europe were later inspired to open up their own Bed and Breakfast’s in the United States after experiencing the European-style Bed and Breakfasts. These home owners then began upgrading their homes to become Bed and Breakfasts establishments.

During this time, the new-found interest in Bed and Breakfasts also happened to coincide with the Tax Reform Act of 1976 and the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. The National Historic Preservation Act encouraged historic preservation while the new Tax Reform Act provided home owners with many tax incentives to restore their homes.

Bed and Breakfasts began to rapidly increase in availability throughout the 80’s and 90’s. At this time, they also began to evolve from the traditional Bed and Breakfast styles to more eccentric Bed and Breakfasts with the restoration of historic mansions decorated luxuriously. Enter the Internet in the mid 90’s and you now have the worldwide marketing availability to Bed and Breakfast owners as well as on-line reservations for visitors.

Since the evolution of the Internet, email marketing has been a particularly useful tool for Bed and Breakfast owners to not only market their properties but to also stay in touch with guests. You can find a Bed and Breakfast just about anywhere within the United States, in both rural areas as well as major cities. Bed and Breakfasts are widely available from luxurious mansion styles, to home styles, to cozy cottages, and even restored schools and churches.

The Bed and Breakfast in Philadelphia

The Bed and Breakfast in Philadelphia dates all the way back to the early 18th century. From elegant mansions and Inn’s to charming townhouses and more, Philadelphia has many historic Bed and Breakfast properties for its travelers and guests to choose from. There is a style for everyone. Bed and Breakfasts in Philadelphia offer history, charm and value. ¬†At Morris House Hotel we pride ourselves in being a historic romantic bed and breakfast in the heart of the city, offering luxurious accommodation and excellent service.


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