Responsibilities Of The Bridal Party

//Responsibilities Of The Bridal Party

Responsibilities Of The Bridal Party

Congratulations! Your friend is engaged and has asked you to stand by their side in support on one of the biggest and most important days of their life. This is a great honor and something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are several responsibilities that go along with being a bridesmaid or groomsman both prior to the wedding and on the day of the event. You will want to be sure that you have a full understanding of all the job entails and how much you are responsible for monetarily and time-wise. Some couples may have some different requests and each wedding is different but generally, these are the main responsibilities held by members of a bridal party.

Maid Or Matron Of Honor

This is quite a position of honor in the bridal party (hence the name)  but with that honor comes great responsibility! Of course, we know you are up for the challenge because you are one of the bride’s closest friends or family members. She chose you to stand beside her and support her through one of the biggest and most important days of her life because she knows you are up for the challenge and know her better than anyone else.

To make this process easier for yourself and ensure that you do the best job possible for the bride you will want familiarize yourself with all the jobs that are required for your position in the bridal party. Below is a general list of the jobs most MOH take on in a wedding.

  • Plan the bridal shower. – Most likely you will have a lot of eager bridesmaids and perhaps even mothers who want to assist. As the head bridesmaid, it will be your job to get the ball rolling on the planning and ensure that everything is going smoothly.
  • Plan the bachelorette party. Some brides are not interested in having a bachelorette and some have different plans in mind. Check to see how the bride is planning on celebrating so that you can plan appropriately or delegate this to another member of the bridal party.
  • Go Shopping! – A bride will often want her MOH to go along with her as she dress shops. Each bride is different but be prepared to go along if you are asked. She will also probably call on you for feedback on the bridesmaids’ dresses.
  • Record the gifts received. – This is another job that some bridesmaids may be able to assist you on, but you will want to be sure that any gift the bride receives is kept track of so that she can send a thank you card out later.
  • Organize the bridesmaids. – As we stated earlier, you are the head bridesmaid so it will be your responsibility to make sure everyone knows what they are supposed to do and follows through on those tasks. Most likely, everyone will be eager to help so just coordinating everyone will be your task, which is no small feat!
  • Give a toast. – We know public speaking may not be your favorite, you will probably be expected to give a toast or small speech at the wedding or the rehearsal dinner. Ask the bride what she expects so that you can be well-prepared and eliminate some the stress and nervousness ahead of time.
  • Provide help. – You are here for the bride. Help her out when she needs you. Be supportive and have fun! You may just get to go along for some really wonderful things like food tastings!


As a bridesmaid, you are the bride’s support system, helper, planner, and the life of the party! There are many responsibilities for bridesmaids and the job (yes, it can be like a part-time job) is not always an easy or cheap one! Make sure that you are fully aware of all the responsibilities you will have in the wedding and begin saving money for the event. Budgeting both time and money will be beneficial to you especially as the event draws closer. Here is a list of jobs most bridesmaids take on when they are in a bridal party.

  • Buy the bridesmaid dress and love it. – Okay, you don’t actually have to love it, but don’t complain about it. Make sure to buy the dress in the timeframe you are given so you don’t add any additional stress to the bride. This is a cost you should plan for in advance and don’t forget to factor in the price of any alterations that may be needed.
  • Help to plan and pay for the bridal shower and bachelorette party. – Here is another item that you can be sure to budget for in advance. Look to the MOH for a general idea on cost of things and be sure to complete any task you are asked to accomplish.
  • Assist the bride with wedding tasks. – Little jobs can help in a big way. You may be asked to help make favors, pick out shoes, or mail invitations. Try to offer as much assistance as possible to make the annoying jobs go faster and easier.
  • Be supportive. – This probably goes without saying but emotions can run high when wedding planning kicks into high gear. You are a friend before anything else, so be there when you are needed.
  • Attend all wedding events. – This is probably obvious but you are expected to be at the bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and any other pre-wedding events. There may be an occasion that makes one or two events impossible to get to, but offer to do something for the event to assist when you can’t be present.
  • Be pleasant and have fun! – Try to keep the drama to a minimum. As hard as that may be at least keep the bride out of it. Your job is to keep stress low, not add to it. On the wedding day, participate in the festivities and have a great time!

Best Man

Another position of great honor is the best man. You have proven to be a great friend or relative to the groom who has trusted you to carry out some big responsibilities for his wedding. We have compiled a list of jobs best men are usually responsible for completing.

  • Help support the groom in buying a ring. – This is a big purchase, probably one of the most important purchases in your friend’s life. If he has asked you to come with him, he trusts you can provide the moral needed for such a big decision.
  • Shop for suits and formalwear. – Whether buying or renting, be sure to attend all the necessary fittings and make the payments on time. Coordinate with the other groomsmen to be sure everyone has done their part in a timely manner.
  • Organize and lead the groomsmen. – As the head groomsman, your job will be to delegate some tasks to others and be sure that everything needed from you is completed in a timely fashion.
  • Plan the bachelor party. – You will likely have some assistance in this task but, again, as the head groomsman you will be in charge of the major tasks and making sure the groom’s wishes are carried out. Be sure to check with him on what he is comfortable with for a party.
  • Assist the groom in wedding tasks. – Many grooms will be in charge of travel arrangements, organizing hotel blocks, or booking a DJ or band. Help him out wherever needed.
  • Assist the guests on the day of the wedding. – Many guests will look to you for assistance during the wedding. Try to answer any questions and help where you can.
  • Deliver day of payments or tips, hold the ring, and witness the signing of the license. – All of these tasks are extremely important and while you may not be required to do all of them be ready to take any of them on if asked.
  • Stand next to the groom and support him. – He may be nervous before the wedding. Your job is to support him and be there.


While many say that being a groomsman is the easiest job in the wedding that doesn’t make their jobs any less important. If you have taken on the honored role of groomsman be sure you have taken note of all the responsibilities that go along with the job. Here are typical things that will be expected of most groomsmen.

  • Purchase or rent your formalwear in the appropriate amount of time. – Remember to budget for this expense and schedule tailoring in advance.
  • Help plan, pay for and attend the bachelor party. – Check with the best man on what the plans are for the party and how you can help.
  • Get ready with the groom before the wedding. – Check to make sure everyone, especially the groom, is prepared for the wedding and help to keep him calm before his nuptials.
  • Be prepared with food and drinks for the groom. – You can stock the limo, have water on hand, and make sure there is something available to eat during this long day.
  • Serve as an usher. – As a groomsman, you will typically serve as an usher for the ceremony helping guests to their seats and handing out programs.
  • Help out where needed. – There a lot of little jobs that may need attending to and this is where the groomsmen can shine. If grandma can’t find the bathroom, you can show her where they’re located. If the groom needs a bottle opener, you’re the guy! Be there to help make things go smoothly.
  • Attend all wedding events and have fun! – Be sure to attend and arrive on time for all wedding events and interact with the guests. You are here to be supportive but also have a good time, so make sure to get out on the dance floor with everyone!
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