Unique Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

//Unique Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

Unique Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

For most people, Mother’s Day usually means shopping for a gift and scribbling in a mass produced card. Although not a bad idea, it certainly is nice to do something different for your mom once in a while on Mother’s Day.  We previously wrote about what to do for mother’s day for a first time mom here, now make Mother’s Day memorable for the woman who gave you life using the following unique ideas.

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8 Unique Mother’s Day Ideas

With a little bit of planning, you can make your mom’s day special with the following eight easy to execute ideas that will show her how much you care for her.

1. Take Her Out To A Taste Specific Dinner

Giving your mother a day off from her usual cooking is one of the most popular ideas for a mother’s day. What’s even more special is making sure you book your mom in at a restaurant that suits her unique taste buds. So pay attention to what she likes to eat, be it organic, local,vegan, you find out and take her to the right spot.

2. Be Of Service Together

As the saying goes, it is better to give than to receive and the same can apply on this day. Spend some quality time with your mother raising money for charity by participating in a family fun walk, or you can participate or volunteer in events aimed to raise money for breast cancer research.

3. Mother’s Day Wine Party

Gather together a few mothers who are special in your life and throw a paint and wine party. This can be arranged in your own home or at a local restaurant. To fully execute a paint and wine party all you need is a tarp from a hardware store and some framed canvases, wine, brushes, and paint. It is great fun painting each other’s portraits, copying famous artworks or setting photos of life scenes. With a glass of wine, creativity begins to flow and its all fun.

4. Spa Day At Home Woman getting a spa massage

A spa day can be a great idea to treat a mother and you don’t need to go to a luxury parlor. An in-house massage,
facial and pedicure sound pleasant to almost all moms. Add to it the comfy robes and slippers, and you’ll have a great time. It is great if you can hire a masseuse to come to the house or if this is too expensive, maybe kids can give mom the royal spa treatment.

5. Family Portrait

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to have pictures taken with the entire family. Invite as many generations as you can and gather them together. A photograph with your mother, grandmother/father, the children and their children, and all the moms with their kids make for a frameable keepsake.

6. Candy Bouquet

If your mother has a sweet tooth, write down a list of her favorite chocolates or candies and get the whole family in making the loveliest candy bouquet. You can find tons of do-it-yourself candy bouquet tutorials online or books, but, if she doesn’t like sweets, try a fruit bouquet.

7. Cook A Delicious Meal

This is an oldie but a goodie. During Mother’s Day, many popular restaurants in Philadelphia will be packed – instead of waiting for hours to get a meal, let the family prepare a special meal for your mother.Breakfast in bed never goes out of style and when it is thoughtfully done it will be fun for the whole family and is sure to make mom feel special.

8. Spring Clean The Home

A surprise clean house can be a great idea. This can work if you have a number of siblings, and there are grandchildren too. Arrange for some of them to take your mom out while the others go in and clean the house – scrub walls, repaint some walls, repair broken furniture and install a few things around the house. If there is a big team, this can happen within one afternoon before she begins to suspect something. If you don’t have a big team, just stop in and help your mom with house chores that need to be done like cleaning the gutter, vacuuming the floors, or weeding the garden.

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