8 Reasons You Should Have A Wedding Rehearsal

//8 Reasons You Should Have A Wedding Rehearsal

8 Reasons You Should Have A Wedding Rehearsal

Every couple dreams of a perfect wedding. As such, most people resort to wedding rehearsals to ensure that the wedding day runs smoothly. The rehearsal is held a day or two before the wedding day where you, your fiancée, the bridal party, immediate family, and officiant should attend to plan and ensure everything runs effortlessly on the D-Day.

Here’s why you should consider having a wedding rehearsal.

8 Essentials Of Wedding Rehearsal

1. Allows The Bridal Party To Be Acquainted And Know Their DutiesBride placing at wedding

The wedding rehearsal is an excellent time for the bridal party to meet, especially if you and your spouse have different groups of friends. It’s crucial that the team develop a bond since they’ll be socializing and working together during the day of the wedding. Also, ensure that every member of your bridal party knows what they ought to do during the wedding.

2. It Ensures Order During The Wedding Day

If you have a large bridal party, it can be very challenging for the wedding coordinator or officiant to organize the team in their respective order. Besides, some of your bridal party members may not have any idea of how processionals and recessionals are run. Thus, practicing the sequence and order will save time and avoid confusion for everyone during the wedding.

3. Allows You To Try The Music

Playing your special wedding songs allows you to test the volumes to make sure that everyone will hear the music clearly. You also get the chance to check if processional and recessional songs are of the right length and at which point you will begin walking down the aisle.

4. You Practice Your Pace And Steps

Wear something with a similar train as your wedding dress so you can be familiar with your steps and pace. This will also enlighten your escort on where to step when walking you down the aisle.

5. Excellent Time To Address The Children And Pets

Your flower girl or a pet if you’re considering it for the ring bearer role, requires the rehearsal perhaps more than anyone else. Practice prior to the wedding day will enlighten them about their role and significance in the ceremony.

6. You Get To Practice the Vows

Rehearsing some of your vows will help you to combat cold feet and assess if everyone in the ceremony can hear you.

7. You Can Run Through the Order of Events

Briefly, go through the order of events so that you can adjust and make the final touches on the program. Also, ensure that you invite other people who are involved in the wedding, including the readers and gift givers. They can practice their roles and consequently become more comfortable and confident.

8. Better Photography and Videography

Ask the photographer and videographer to attend so they can familiarize themselves with the venue. That will allow for dazzling photos and videos as they get to check out and adjust (if necessary) the lighting and spacing.

Other Essential Tips

Wear the shoes that you aim to put on at the wedding–it’s good to practice walking in them before the D-day. Also, don’t drink the night before your rehearsal or wedding–you need to stay sober, be attentive, and on your Bride alcoholbest behavior.

Many are the times the need to have a rehearsal is overlooked. However, this crucial event is the key to a flawless wedding. It ensures everyone knows his or her role, timing, and iron out any kinks. More importantly, it instills confidence by relieving your pre-wedding jitters, allowing you to realize you’re actually ready for the wedding. A wedding rehearsal enables you to relax, breathe, and be more attentive to make your special day phenomenal.

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