Is It Possible To Have An Eco-Friendly Wedding?

Your wedding is the greatest day of your life. However, there is a negative consequence of a wedding, especially if environmentally oriented is a phrase that can describe you. With the realities of climate change and being eco-friendly becoming part of our everyday lives, it stands to reason to also want to do your part for the environment on one of the biggest days of your life. But how can this be done?

Are Weddings Generally Eco-Friendly Or Not?Earth friendly

The negative effects of a wedding on the environment are things that do not get talked about often, but they are there. Traditional weddings are bad for the environment for several reasons, mostly because weddings have the following:

  • Excessive electricity usage
  • Decorations using materials that are not biodegradable
  • Flowers that are not local
  • Excessive use of paper

The good news is that these environmental concerns can be alleviated through proper planning and research. It is possible to have an eco-friendly wedding and it is easier than you would think.

What To Do To Have An  Environmentally Friendly Wedding

Planning and research are the two most important factors to planning an environmentally friendly wedding.

Picking A Venue

One of the biggest issues regarding weddings is the extensive use of electricity used by venues. The first step is by simply choosing a venue that will not use a lot of electricity.

A great alternative to your typical wedding venue is to get married outdoors. The sun is a fantastic source of light, so getting married on a farm, in a garden, or on a hilltop provides plenty of natural lighting without the negative effects. Plus, an outdoor wedding provides the opportunity of mixing nature into your wedding pictures.

If an outdoor wedding is not an option for you, try choosing a venue that uses energy-efficient appliances or is fueled by clean energy. It’s also a good idea to choose a venue that is close to a hotel so that your guests will not have to travel as much, reducing their carbon footprint.

Another environmentally friendly indoor wedding option is a candle-lit wedding. Not only is it a good option to help Mother Nature, but it is about as romantic as possible, which is usually a goal for any wedding.

Degradable Decorations

Weddings often use a lot of decorations that are made of rubber, such as balloons. After the wedding, these materials get thrown in the trash and tossed in a landfill where they sit for years and years. Replacing these rubber decorations with environmentally friendly materials will go a long way to cleaning up your environmental footprint.

If you are having trouble finding eco-friendly wedding decor, has a wide selection of environmentally safe decorations.

Using Local Flowers

Seeing flowers on a list of things that are not eco-friendly is quite the surprise, however, they are here for good reason. Flowers are an often overlooked danger for the environment. Often times, the flowers used in weddings are not in season or local.

In order to get a flower that is not local or in season to your wedding, the flower has to be transported to your location. Shipping a flower causes unnecessary use of fossil fuels, damaging the environment. A much cleaner alternative is to buy local flowers that are in season. Flowers are beautiful, but it is much easier to admire their beauty when you do not have to worry about the damage done to the environment to get them.

Reduce Your Stationery UseBride placing wedding

It takes a lot of stationery to have a wedding. Through wedding invitations, cards, and other things, paper is constantly being purchased and mailed. The Internet, however, has made abandoning paper completely a decent alternative.

Self-created wedding websites and social media have made it much easier to get the word out about your wedding events. This also eliminates the worry about invitations being lost in the mail or being sent to the wrong address.

Having an eco-friendly wedding is an obtainable goal. Not much more work is needed to do so and it will feel great to know that your special day did not damage the environment.

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