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Extended Stay Accommodation

Extended Stay Suites vs. Other Common Accommodations for Travelers

An extended stay suite is an ideal solution for anyone in need of extended stay accommodations that offer the same comforts and modern conveniences of home. What would make an extended stay suite a more viable solution versus other popular accommodations?

There are actually several reasons why you may want to consider an extended stay suite for travels that extend beyond a few days versus other common accommodations.

Let’s do some comparing and investigating to discover why.

Extended Stay Suites

When you choose to stay at an extended stay suite, you’re guaranteed to have all of the amenities that you have at home. An extended stay suite provides travelers with a fully-equipped kitchen that includes everything that you have at home, things such as  your own kitchen – a refrigerator, stove, toaster, microwave, coffee pot, and of course the cooking utensils you’ll need to prepare meals and save money on eating out if you choose to.

You’ll have WiFi Internet, Cable TV, unlimited phone service including long-distance and voice mail. You’ll even have on-site laundry facilities making it easy to do your laundry. Your extended stay suite may also offer pet accommodations, exercise facilities, and possibly the comforts of a hot tub or swimming pool.

Extended stay suites are a cost-effective option for travelers and cost as much as 25-30 percent less than other types of accommodations. There is no minimum day stay to qualify for savings with extended suites either. And, if you’re traveling on business, your company may qualify for corporate rates, providing further savings. Other benefits of extended stay suites include: daily housekeeping, valet parking, free breakfast buffet, and 24-hour reception services.

Corporate Apartments

Corporate apartments generally cost more when compared to an extended stay suite and have a minimum 30-day stay requirement. They are usually in convenient locations but lack in many of the conveniences that you’ll find at an extended stay suite such as free breakfast buffet, 24-hour reception service and valet parking.

Corporate apartments do typically include some of the same services as an extended stay suite such as cable, telephone, and WiFi. One perk that the corporate apartments have that suites do not have is that many times they include a washer and dryer in the unit. But, when compared to extended stay suites, they lack in some of the more important things that you may want to consider for a temporary stay such as the convenience of valet parking. Let’s not forget that suites are a more affordable option as well.

All Things Furnished

A Furnished Room: If you choose to rent a small furnished room out of someone’s home, you will not have the privacy that you need and deserve. You’ll more than likely have to share a bathroom, kitchen, and living room space. Situations like this can sometimes lead to problems with other inhabitants that you’ll more than likely want to avoid.

Small Furnished Apartments: If you decide that you’d like to look into renting an affordable small furnished apartment, you’ll more than likely be required to have a 30-day minimum stay. And, chances are, you’ll also have to include the hassle of a background check and security deposit.

Many furnished apartments require first, last, and security, so this is a hefty investment just to move in. Then, your furnished apartment may not be in a convenient location. As with the problem above, you may have issues with other inhabitants.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for an extended stay suite as a temporary home, as a temporary “get away,” due to relocation, or for business travels, this is a viable solution for any traveler. You’re guaranteed to enjoy wonderful accommodations at the best locations and the best prices.

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