Morris House Hotel History As It Withstands The Test of Time

Why do we fall in love with history? Is it the nostalgic feeling we get from watching that television show we loved
when we were younger? Is it the comfort of a wood-burning fireplace? Maybe it is the books we read about what happened in the past that causes our imaginations to run wild with what used to be.

Walking Through History

When you witness something from the historic period of this country, such as walking into the Morris House Hotel that was built in 1787, you immediately dazzle the thought of what it would be like to be a part of the past.
Our minds have a way of romanticizing the imagery of what came before us. So when you enter through the main door of a historical building in Philadelphia and see a colonial fireplace to your left and walk on the original wood floors of the building, you begin to imagine what it would be like to live during the time of the formation of our country. Standing in a building where some of America’s founding fathers once walked through is a bit impressive.

The property at the Morris House Hotel and M Restaurant has withstood the test of time. As a window into the country’s colonial past, you can’t help but to feel the 1700’s charm when you stay or dine here. The historical building located right in center city near Washington Square is not only a highly ranked boutique hotel, but it also serves as an event venue and has a full service restaurant on the property.

The Hotel During The Seasons

In the summertime you will see beautiful flowers and greenery surrounding the courtyard. The colors of the bright foliage compliment the dark brick under your feet. During the winter months, the original fireplaces in the hotel are decorated with green garland and red stockings, making you feel like you just walked onto the set of Charles Dickens movie.

There’s a touch of history everywhere you go in Philadelphia. From the first zoo in America, to the Liberty Bell, to the
infamous Jim’s, Pat’s, or Geno’s Cheesesteaks, there is something for everyone, and it is all here in the birthplace of the United States of America.
The past tends to draws us in, and Philadelphia is the perfect place to make your favorite parts of history come to life. When you look at the Liberty Bell or walk the floors of the historic Morris House Hotel, your mind will reminisce and flashback to the events that took place in this very city.

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Luke Wistar Morris was part of the Morris family who built what is now the Morris House Hotel. Luke had many interests including brewing beer, and was an engineer in Philadelphia. Follow Luke on Google+

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