Mother’s Day Special Day Ideas For First Time Mums

Mother’s Day for first time mums should be memorable, exciting and joyful. Make her day all of these things by giving a special, thoughtful gift she will treasure and remember with great fondness always.

First Time Mums Mother’s Day Fun Ideas

1. Bath and Body Lotions

New mums often feel guilty for purchasing self-indulgent items such as bath and body lotions. They always appreciate gifts of luxurious bath powders, body creams, bath oils and fragrances. Deliciously smelling bath items can turn that special someone’s evenings into a relaxing home spa environment.

2. Cookie Jars

Ceramic or stoneware cookie jars featuring the family name or saying such as “The Smith’s Family Cookies” or “Mom’s Treats” shows the new mum that you have put some time and thought into having the jar especially decorated for them. Filling the cookie jar with cookies you baked, wrapping the gift in festive paper and topping it with a curly bow makes a delightful and inexpensive Mother’s Day gift.

3. One of These Unique Gifts, Perhaps?

A monogrammed beach towel, necklace with her birthstone, a day at the spa (pedicure, facial, the works!), clean her house for free from top to bottom, write a poem or song especially for her and actually sing (or recite) it with musical accompaniment or give her a partially started scrap book of the family along with all the scrap booking supplies she needs.

4. Plan A Surprise First Mum’s Day Party

Planning a surprise Mother’s Day party is fun, especially if she is not the least bit aware that something secret is going on right under nose. Just make sure everyone involved is aware that it is a surprise party so that no one accidentally spills the secret. For a twist on the surprise party, “kidnap” the new mom, blindfold her and drive her to the location of the party. Don’t take the blindfold off until everyone yells “Surprise–Happy Mother’s Day”!

5. Splurge!

Because new mums need pampering more than mums who are already well-versed in the art of motherhood, indulge her fancy for designer shoes. Pretty and practical, designer shoes represent a flexible accessory in a woman’s wardrobe that can enhance and individualize a simple outfit. Whether the new mum is wearing jeans or an evening dress, designer shoes can jazz up any outfit with style and vivacity.

Outdoors And Home Made Ideas

6. Celebrate Mother’s Day At An Amusement Park

Amusement parks offer tons of things to do like rides, games, shows, restaurants and water parks where the group can cool off after a hard day of being jolted and jarred on rides.

7. Present The First-Time Mum With A Specially Made Card

Here are some nifty tips which may inspire you:

  • Print free fonts off your computer to use for card messages
  • Try some basic origami techniques to decorate cards
  • Sprinkle paper punch holes on translucent glue (like glitter but not as messy)
  • To easily string very small beads for decorated card borders, dip thread end into glue to stiffen it
  • Posterboard is cheaper than card stock and makes very nice cards
  • Make tiny metallic stars from using metallic tape and a craft hole puncher
  • Recycle those old cards you received in the past by cutting out images and scenes
  • Make an easy “lace-up” card by punching holes around the border of the card and threading it with a single piece of yarn or ribbon
  • Brush little paint on the bottom of baby’s foot and “sign” her card by making an imprint of the foot.

8. A Rose Is A Rose

Plant rose bushes around her house or whatever her favorite flowers may be. Promise you will personally take care of them when she is busy with her little one–and stick to your promise!

9. Babysitting Duty

Offer to babysit so she can spend some much-needed “mum-time” alone or with a special person.

10. A Lifetime Keepsake

Offer to have the first-time mum and her baby professionally photographed. Buy a lovely frame and present the gift to her on Mother’s Day.

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