5 Things To Do In Philadelphia During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving  is a special day in the American culture that brings families, and friends together to be grateful about the good tidings that they have had during the year and share a hearty meal. Most of us look forward to this day so that we can catch up with our family members and enjoy a sumptuous piece of turkey meat. If you are a new visitor or a resident in Philly, there is so much more to do during this time of the year that will help you fall in love with the city again, or wow your visitors.

5 Things To Do During Thanksgiving Week

1. Ice Skating

The weather in Philadelphia is usually cool during this season. However, you can heat-up by ice skating in center city.  An ideal place for ice skating is the Rothman Institute Ice Rink, Dilworth Park. You enjoy skating with  spectacular skyline views.

The good thing is that ice skating is open to all levels of skaters and ages. If you are not so great at ice skating you can go for skating classes. As you take rest in heated tents, skaters enjoy coffee, hot chocolate, fries, burgers, and more.

2. Balloon Views During The Thanksgiving Day parade

Thanksgiving Day Parade has been celebrated in Philadelphia since 1920 and is one of the oldest parades in history. Now,  there is a 1.4 mile Thanksgiving Day parade along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The parade is marked by city streets being filled with giant balloons and massive floats, and performances from local choirs, marching bands,
dance groups and much more.

This year marks the 96th parade of the epic visual display during the Thanksgiving season. The parade is marked by giant balloons, characters such as Kermit the Frog, Mr. Potato Head, Frosty the Snowman. As stated earlier, this event is a true Philadelphia tradition that you should not miss with other onlookers.

3. Enjoy A holiday Light Show At Franklin Square

Electrical Spectacle shows offer such beautiful views during winter nights. Festive lights and light shows are a great way to enjoy twinkling lights plus dynamic holiday soundtracks. The Electrical Spectacle show is a free festive light event at Franklin Square. It entails 50,000 lights put to a record of festive songs. The climax of the show is seeing a 12-foot tall kite that acts as a sonnet to Benjamin Franklin’s famed kite-and lightning try-out. The kite displays holiday glow to lights across the square.

Enjoy visits with Santa plus family-friendly programs, grown-up activities such as winter bear gardens, food trucks and holiday craft market. For more information about that activities and attractions at Franklin Square click here.

4. Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest

Attending this event is one of the memorable Thanksgiving things you will do when in Philadelphia. You can ice skate on the waterfront and enjoy a cold-weather version of fun like winter garden with holiday trees, a heated tent, fire pits, cosy seating and more fun.

5. Shopping Pop-Pups And Holiday Markets


Philadelphia has pop-up shops, markets, and bazaars where you can shop for gifts, crafty goods, and more items necessary for the Holidays. You are bound to find unique items that are interesting to your family members and friends.

The above list is not exhaustive on the things to do in Philadelphia. Thanksgiving is just the beginning of Holiday events that are unique to Philadelphia, that you can enjoy whether you are visiting or are simply deciding to be a tourist in your own city.

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