10 Popular And Trending Wedding Themes

If you are a bride-to-be or just talking about it, it is never too early to choose a wedding theme. A theme can be the vision that helps give your wedding a flow. To get you started, here are ten of the most popular wedding themes chosen over the years and some that are currently trending.

10 Themes That Have Stood The Test Of Time

1. Greenery

Greenery is a trending theme. It looks high-end and traditional as well as natural and unpretentious. Lush Green white wedding flowersgreenery won’t break the bank but looks elegant. You can shape it to fit any space. Consider this classic look if you and your groom are outdoorsy and love the smell of fresh pine.

2. Fresh Flowers

Choosing fresh flowers as a theme really widens your color palette. This works for a garden or backyard wedding, where the fresh flowers won’t dwarf the space or overpower guests with their heady scent. Fresh flowers go with a formal or more casual theme and can be combined with other themes for a lush setting.

3. Barn Wedding

Everyone seems to love the shabby chic possibilities of barn weddings. Rustic and vintage themes overlap this wedding vision. However, with a barn theme, you can add hayrides, country decor and serve apple pie, or incorporate any tangent that pops into your head. Whether your music is provided via a DJ, orchestra or fiddle band, the large, open venue presented by a barn wedding leaves you with tons of options for seating arrangements and decorations.

4. Vintage

All that’s old is new to you with a vintage wedding theme. Whether it’s an antique color palette that gives you the feel of the 1920s and 30s glamor or antique furniture used to showcase desserts and gift tables, this is a classy, can’t go wrong theme. If you are getting married in a Victorian home or southern plantation, vintage is a strong possibility. Unusually-shaped chandeliers hung from the trellis or arch lend a quirky old-time focal point, while billowy fabric creates a faux canopy. Wood chairs mixed and matched add to the charm and surprise of a well-done vintage wedding.

5. Neutral Tones of White and Creme

Working with a narrow color palette can make plain colors pop. It’s minimalistic but feels expensive and grand. This color palette can work in any setting and is great for smaller weddings where space may be limited. Neutral tones will visually expand the size of a room and allow you to place the focus on the bride and groom with a single pop of color.

6. DIY

Crafty is always appreciated. Once everyone sees your great craft ideas, they will be emulating them at their own weddings. From paper mache sculptures to an eclectic grouping of flowers bought at the market the day of the wedding, you can express yourself and save a lot of money by creating your own decorations.

7. Bohemian

A boho wedding can be very eclectic. The easiest thing about this theme is how easy it is to pull off. Forget about matching anything. Choose a few meaningful items to build your decorations around and everything will tie together just fine.

8. Woodland

If you are lucky enough to live in a wooded area, why not take full advantage of the natural beauty surrounding you. For outdoor weddings, don’t try to compete with Mother Nature. It’s best to work with your venue and not worry about everything being perfect. Choose pops of color to create a delineated space for the event. Use candlelight and wildflowers to create a romantic ambiance.

9. Fairytale

Most girls dream of being a princess, and their wedding day is the one day they finally actually get to be one. Bring your dream to your theme and remember to keep everything a notch above the ordinary. Think grandeur, elegance, and romance.

10. TropicsBeachside wedding decor

Perhaps the tropics made an impression on you on your last vacation and now you want to relive that balmy, carefree feeling on your big day. Palm leaves, sunset palettes and maybe blow-up pictures of the two of you on an island vacation.

Whatever theme you choose, remember to express yourself and be joyful. Enjoy the planning and effort you put into your big day.

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