Same Sex Wedding Celebrations

Recently, Pennsylvania joined several other states when it lifted the ban against same sex weddings. Now many couples who never dreamed they would ever marry are looking for locations to celebrate their legal marriage. Morris House Hotel offers a beautiful background to your wedding and we are delighted to celebrate with you.

Now that same-sex weddings are becoming more common; couples and venues will work together to create memorable moments and new traditions. Here are a few things we have learned about same-sex weddings that you and your future spouse may want to explore for your wedding.

It’s Your Day To Celebrate: Tips & Considerations

1. Gender roles are so passé.

In a lesbian wedding you may have both women wearing dresses or you may have one wearing a tux and the other wearing a dress, but neither is taking on the role of male or female. They are simply wearing whatever is comfortable for them. It is your day so be happy and comfortable celebrating it.

2. The concept of “giving away the bride” is not so cut and dried.

In some cases the couple will walk down the aisle with their parent of choice or they may not. As a wedding planner, the point of view is to give the loving couple the wedding of their dreams. New traditions are developing in the beginning of the new age of same sex marriage.

3. Your dream wedding is the only thing that matters

Wedding traditions are made over time. One tradition that appears to be different is that while lesbian couples still want that first dance as a couple, male gay couples appear to feel differently about this tradition. The only thing that matters is how you want to celebrate your big day.

4. Gay weddings tend to be smaller affairs

The trend among same sex weddings is to celebrate in smaller, more intimate ceremonies that involve close friends and supportive family members. There will usually be 100 guests or less at the wedding rather than everyone’s aunt, uncle, cousins and cousins of cousins. But hey, it’s your party go as big or as small as you want to.

5. Asking for guidance is not a bad thing

The pre-wedding dinner, wedding, and reception will need close attention to detail. Many couples never even dreamed that someday they would be legally permitted to marry, so they may need more assistance planning these details.

6. Spend trends

Lesbian couples tend to spend more on their wedding than their male counterparts. Older couples tend to spend more than younger couples. Indeed, it appears that the older the couple or the the longer they were together before marriage the bigger and more expensive the event will be.

7. Planning the cake, location and ceremony.

One of the challenges of same sex weddings is finding vendors who will bake a cake for them or provide other services.  There might be some challenges in preparing for your big day. However, you will want to visit bakers, services, and others to find businesses that welcome you with open arms.

8. Some couples will still prefer a civil union.

Although civil unions are not recognized by the federal government, some couples may prefer a civil union. The celebrations may be quieter, which may be their reason for a preferring a civil union. Or perhaps there are employment ramifications that prevent them from seeking a legal marriage, or maybe their state is not one that has made same sex marriage legal yet. Whatever the reason, at Morris House Hotel we are here to celebrate your special day.

After The Party Is The After Party

Couples who live in a state that still bans same-sex marriage often travel to a state that allows them to get married and then travel back to their home state to celebrate with friends and family. The after-party, sometimes a day or so later, back home replaces the traditional receptions right after the wedding.

Same sex marriage is still quite new. Traditions are developing over time. Share your experience with other couples who are planning their same-sex weddings. Perhaps your idea for your celebration will catch on and become part of everyone’s celebration.

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