Things To Do During The DNC Week

With the Democratic National Convention (DNC) slated to take place in Philadelphia beginning July 25th, many people are already planning for their trip to the area. Philadelphia has so much to offer that anyone visiting will want to take in some of the different events and experience what the area holds in store. There are a number of different events going on around the DNC. Check out some of the top picks below and enjoy spending time learning about history and future presidential candidates of the United States.Donkey democrat

Three DNC Events


The DNC host committee is hosting PoliticalFest running from July 22nd through July 27th. This multi-location exhibition celebrates government, American history and the long path to the White House. It takes place at seven different locations in Philly. This non-partisan display combines interactive and multimedia displays, special events and some of the best historical objects around all in an attempt to both engage and entertain those coming to the convention and those who live here throughout the year.

The main hub for this fest is the National Constitution Center along with the exhibition Headed to the White House that explores all of the excitement of the upcoming election season. There will be a number of different activities, live interviews, panel discussions and political trivia battles. One ticket will get you into all of the different exhibitions for the duration of the event. So, you can continue using your ticket at the exhibitions from July 22nd through the 27th without having to pay anything extra. If you are attending the convention or are a veteran, your ticket is free. The tickets also get you admission on the PHLASH Downtown Loop. The Loop circles through all of the different locations during regular hours.

2. Donkeys Around Town

To help welcome this year’s delegates, the citizens, and elected officials from around town are unveiling the Donkeys Around Town exhibit. This exhibit consists of 57 fiberglass donkeys being installed across town that represent the 50 US states, Washington D.C., five US territories and Democrats abroad. More than two dozen of the local artists in Philly came together to paint all of these mules. With each one weighing in at 250-pounds, this was no easy feat. Each one of the donkeys will include the state’s name that it represents and some of the most iconic imagery from the territory or state. They will be on display all the way through September 5th, so make sure to check them out while you are in town.

3. DNC Pop-Up Shop

If you want to purchase official DNC merchandise, you have to check out the DNC Pop-Up Shop located at the America 2016Comcast Center. This shop is the best place to go for all of your merchandise needs. It is open Monday through Saturday all the way through August 5th. There are a number of different items for sale such as drinkware, apparel, accessories, and buttons all with the main design focused around the Philadelphia 2016 slogan. A lot of the merchandise was created and inspired by local artists like Lisa Beth Weber, Duke & Winston, Michael Fulkerson, Brett Bender, Mary K. Dougherty & Associates, Dom Streater and Dan Duffy.

As the second largest city along the East Coast and the fifth largest throughout the entire country, you definitely want to make sure you know how to get around town. With more than 63 million people calling this place their home, you can easily find the answers to any questions you might have about anything going on in town. The best part about being in Philadelphia is that you don’t have to bring your own vehicle because you can easily get where you need to go with the help of their intricate transportation system.

Enjoy heading out the DNC and taking in a few sights and sounds while you are here to get an idea of what the area truly has to offer people who might not be from here. With so much to do, you are sure to have a busy schedule ahead of you this July.

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