2018 Wedding Trends

//2018 Wedding Trends

2018 Wedding Trends

Each new year brings new trends and ideas for the upcoming weddings that will be happening. Often these trends are predicted in the fashion, wedding, and event planning industries with great accuracy and other times they may miss the mark. Trend predictions will include everything from what type of flowers and bouquets will be popular to the kinds of dresses you can expect to see bridesmaids and brides wearing. Some of the upcoming trends for 2018 may speak to you while others you would never consider. Either way, looking at what is making its way into the spotlight could give you some great ideas for your own wedding or prepare you for what you might experience when you are in attendance at a 2018 wedding!


Pantone announced that the color of 2018 is Ultra Violet. While this isn’t always interpreted as a popular color in weddings it certainly could turn up in them! Traditionally the color purple has always been associated with royalty and prestige which could make it a very appropriate wedding color. Pantone describes purple as being known as a symbol of artistic brilliance and personal expressions of individuality which again would work well for many weddings. A lighter version of purple may even be more fitting for a wedding ceremony as the color is often associated with spirituality and mindfulness.

While Ultra Violet may be the color of the year, predictions by wedding experts show that some other shades may gain some popularity in 2018. Wedding Wire believes that many brides will be incorporating blue into their wedding decor as an accent color. Light blues may be quite popular in spring but come colder months they predict darker colors to be included in the color palettes with black used to accent different colors such as a rich burgundy.

Of course, what is a wedding without a little sparkle? Metallics have been very popular in weddings for several years now and experts do not anticipate that trend going away anytime soon. This year, many anticipate copper being the trend for a more industrial look. Some experts have even predicted it to be paired with a marble look for a warm contrast.


Bigger bouquets have been popular in weddings for a while now and this trend will likely continue for 2018. While cascading bouquets are nothing new, expect to see far more natural or organic looking arrangements with bold colored flowers that really pop. Not only will bouquets be larger and more organic but expect to find the floral decor following along the same lines.

One way you may witness this trend is with hanging table decor. Rather than the traditional vase of flowers in the center of the table guests may find more floral designs adorning the room above their tables. In keeping with the organic or holistic trend that experts expect to see more of in the floral arrangements, more grasses and stalks may be used. These could be used anywhere from table centerpieces to in a floral or greenery arch for the ceremony to take place under. Some couples may even choose to use greenery in place of fabric for drapery. This trend is sure to give an earthy and natural feel to the wedding whether it takes place indoors or outside.

Which Dress Will Get The Yes?

Wedding dresses follow trends each year just as flowers and decor. Brides all have their own sense of style unique to them but it is possible to incorporate some of the latest trends into the gown as well if that is your intention.

This year will bring a very bohemian style to a lot of weddings and this will be reflected in many wedding gowns and bridesmaids gowns. This down to earth rustic feel with an added edge may be reflected in dresses with celestial elements, floral appliques, or puffy or bell-sleeves. Flowers, especially in 3D, are expected to be a popular trend in wedding gowns for 2018 bringing the bohemian feel to the brides wedding attire but also keeping it very romantic. Some wedding experts are expecting kimonos to be incorporated into many brides wedding looks, which would certainly add to the free-spirited bohemian trend we expect to see a lot of this year.

Bridesmaid may not all be wearing dresses this year! Many more bridal parties may be wearing pants or jumpsuits in 2018! Velvet will be the fabric of choice for this year so come fall and winter expect to see more velvet dresses and pants or jumpsuits.

The men will also be able to jump in on current trends. We expect to see a lot more burgundy colored suits this year which will fit in with a lot of the bolder color choices we expect to see in the upcoming weddings.


In case you were worried, donuts seem to be here to stay, at least in 2018! This trend has been around for a few years but is still going strong. Couples have been finding interesting and unique ways to display this delicious dessert from shelves to walls, even incorporating them into the decor of the event.

Wedding cakes have trends all on their own and this year geometric patterns and shapes being incorporated into the desserts will be big. Expect to find triangles, chevron stripes, squares, and more for a very unique and modern look. Of course, the classic white on white wedding cake will never go out of style. Brides and grooms are adding their own touches to these cakes though by including white embellishments of flowers, shapes, quilted fondant and more. Drip cakes have been popular, along with naked cakes, in the past couple of years and we expect them to remain very popular in 2018.

Wedding cakes are a rather traditional component but in 2018 the food served will likely shy away from the traditional 3-course meal. Many couples are opting to include fun and modern elements to their meals with options that they particularly enjoy. Some examples of these elements might be sushi or tacos which are not traditionally served at weddings. Other couples are opting to bring food trucks and pizza ovens to their events or have shared plates. This trend is all about sharing what they love with family and friends!

Upcoming Weddings

Everyone loves a good wedding and there are several to look forward to this year. While we may not be in attendance at some of the biggest events of the year, many of us are looking to see what trends celebrity couples incorporate into their own weddings and what trends will be started after seeing those weddings take place. Some weddings that we are really excited for and predict will occur this year are:

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (May 19, 2018)
  • Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas
  • Kit Harington Rose Leslie
  • Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith
  • John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh
  • Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef

The royal wedding will be one event that people around the world will be watching. Thankfully, the event will be televised so there is plenty of time to start planning a watch party of your own for their big day! We are anxious to see what trends emerge after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot.

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