10 Things To Consider When Planning A Wedding Reception

//10 Things To Consider When Planning A Wedding Reception

10 Things To Consider When Planning A Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception culminates into the life of the wedding and that means you want it to be absolutely perfect, but what can you do to make sure that happens? How can you be sure that everything is going to go off exactly right? Well, unfortunately, you can’t, but there are some things that you can do to improve your chances. Here are ten things to take into consideration for your wedding reception.

Wedding Reception Details To Look IntoWedding bride groom chairs

1. Delegating Some of the Smaller Details

When you’re planning a wedding there are a million things that you need to do and it feels like you have to do every one of them yourself. That’s definitely not the case, especially for the reception, so make sure you’re looking for other people who can take care of the details for you so you can get back to enjoying your party.

2. Who Should Not Be There

There are always going to be those people in your life that just aren’t fun to be around. Some of them should probably be at the wedding, like the close family friends or family members, but some are just too toxic to even consider. Be conscious of who is going to be a good person to have at the wedding reception and who definitely should be avoided.

3. What You Need to Do the Day Of

You want to make sure that you’re getting everything done properly the day of the wedding so make sure you’re making a list of everything and then getting rid of things that aren’t as important. You might have a list a mile long if you’re trying to do absolutely everything. So consider what needs to be done, what can be delegated, and what can just be skipped.

4. How You’re Going to Eat

It may seem like a no-brainer because dinner is scheduled into the day but you really need to think about how you’re going to make time for eating. A lot of people want to see you after all especially at the reception, and that means you’ll need to look at eating quickly or eating before the reception.

5. Making Good Decisions About Vendors

It’s going to take a whole lot of work to decide on the right vendors for your big day, but make sure you’re trusting your instincts on people and places. Also, make sure that you’re getting as much information as you can in the first meeting. You don’t want to spend a lot of time on choosing a vendor and setting up multiple interviews because you have so much else to do.

6. Whether You Really Need To Follow the Traditions

Consider whether you really need to do things the way everyone has done them or if you want to do things differently. After all, this is going to be your day. It doesn’t need to make your parents happy or your best friend happy or anyone. You get to decide what happens, when it happens, where it happens and how it happens. And everyone else can learn to accept it.

7. What Can You Afford?

Make sure that you can actually afford the wedding reception that you’re creating. The last thing that you want is to start off your married life in debt or struggling to make your way for bills and other expenses. You also don’t want to be forced to use any money you get from the wedding to pay things off. So make sure you’re not getting too far ahead of yourself or spending outside the budget for the sake of a party.Wedding reception

Extras Beyond The Reception

8. What You’re Going to Do For the Honeymoon

No one says you actually have to go on some big, elaborate honeymoon to another country when you get married. You can do whatever you want and whatever you can afford. So consider things like camping or even staying at home (but taking time off work) for a little while.

9. Who’s Standing Up?

Think carefully about who is going to be in your wedding. You get to make the choice but remember this is your day. There will be other people who want to influence your choices but it’s definitely not up to them. Make a choice that you will appreciate when 20 years from now you look back at your pictures and talk to your children about who is standing next to you.

10. How You’re Going To Enjoy Time With Your Partner

Your wedding and reception are going to be stressful and busy. Make sure you’re thinking about where and how you’re going to take a few minutes to just be there with your partner and enjoy yourself. This is a day for the two of you to celebrate each other, after all.

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